Digital Signature software


eSignature in Healthcare – The digital signing system on the blockchain platform is implemented on the internal blockchain network with a minimum of 3 nodes, the digital signatures are certified by the internal key pair (Private Certificate Authority) and legality is guaranteed by the digital signature of the head of the unit. The system has outstanding advantages such as:

– Internal blockchain system, so the digital signing speed is fast and highly efficient.

– Using the latest hyperledger fabric blockchain technology, so the security is high and the most stable.

– Digitally signing on digitized medical records will replace all paper medical records with electronic (digitized) data.

– View all information of all examinations and treatments.

– Record information of people entering, updating and deleting records.

– Control the profile viewer (HIPAA).

– Decision support for treating doctors.

– Can attach data in different formats (Video, Photo, DICOM, PDF….)

– Share file information electronically signed by FHIR system, visible to CDA (Clinical Record)

– Output national statistical reports, or hospital internal.


User case
Easily sign any PDF Document like

  • Invoices
  • Agreements
  • Purchase Orders
  • HR Documents
  • Supplementary Invoices
  • Credit & Debit Notes
  • Contracts Form


  • PDF documents are digitally signed by using X.509 digital certificates.
  • User can sign digitally on any page of PDF document.
  • User defined password can be applied to digitally sign document.
  • Option to sign digitally single/ bulk files from selected folder.
  • User can digitally sign on unlimited documents.
  • Option to Preview signed PDF files.
  • Option to select Signing location, input City Location & Reason of Signing by the user
  • Option to send digitally signed file thru email.
  • Original PDF file will not be modified.
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • System will show DSC expiry date to user

System requirements

Recommended system requirements:

CPUCPU E5-2696 v4: 16 vCPU
StorageSSD: 500 GB
OSWindows Server 64-bit / Ubuntu Server.
NETBroadband Internet connection


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